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"As first time interior design clients, looking for help finishing and polishing our space, we couldn't have been more thrilled working with Glohaus. The process was flexible to our unique needs and busy schedules and the creative, actionable recommendations exceeded our expectations. Our goal of marrying our traditional 19th century home with more modern decor felt daunting, but Glohaus really delivered. "

                                                                                      - Kerry, Melrose, MA

"I approached Johanna when I was downsizing apartments and in need of a more fresh, modern feel for my home. Not only did she help me design my new apartment, coming up with brilliant, innovative solutions like built-in bookshelves, she also helped me find stylish furniture and paint colors that would fit the space, my budget, and my lifestyle. The result was a true sanctuary for me, and a home that I adore."

                                                                                       - Gretchen, New York, NY​​

"Johanna helped us transform our living room into a stylish space that is completely functional for our young family. By measuring the space in our condo, Johanna gave us suggested dimensions for furniture and a layout for our open-concept first floor that dramatically improved how we use our space. By giving us professional guidance, but encouraging our input, Johanna helped us find a couch, chairs, a rug, a table, and lamps that all coordinate without matching; something we never could have envisioned on our own. Johanna is efficient and thoughtful, and has added so much style to our space without making it fussy. It was fun to take on this project with Johanna’s help, and we’d love to work with her again!

                                                                                       - Kacie, Somerville, MA

"Johanna approaches each job with a balance of utility, efficiency, aesthetics, and budget. Her ability turn our "gee I am not sure" into "that's perfect!" was a necessary skill working with us. We were incredibly satisfied with the work she did with us, and I would definitely recommend her."


                                                                                       - Jason, New York, NY

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