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The Birth of Glohaus:

Starting my own interior design business.

Building my business is proving to be a wild ride. It's all things rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating and maddening rolled up into one tiny little exhausting package. But it's something I've known I've wanted for a long time, and since I love a good challenge, I'm absolutely loving this rollercoaster (hey Coney Island Cyclone, remember me?). Despite only having just gone 'full-Glo' in February of this year, I've actually owned the domain for 15 years. But some things may need to remain side hustles until you can't bear it any longer... and then you just have to dive in!

Fabric, paint and wood flooring samples displayed.

Early on, I knew my business would be different than a typical interior design firm. I loved working directly with clients and designing their dream spaces, but felt the industry was out of reach for so many. I wanted to take what I was learning in the high-end, boutique NYC interior design world (and then later, the Boston hospitality and commercial design sphere) and make it available to all. Sustainability is so, so important, but I felt like I wasn't seeing it prioritized in all sectors. Glohaus combines personalized service, high-level design with affordable, sustainable practices!

So what's with the name? A well-designed space that makes you happy glows with energy and fuels your soul. I believe your environment directly impacts your mind and well-being. And haus is cool. Ta-da!

I've found that there are so many people that love design, have great ideas and want to be involved in their own design projects. There are so many ways we can work together, and I meet them where they're at. Sure - I may show up with an oversized canvas tote bag, a tape measure and more paint samples then should be legal, but I operate on a different level. I've always enjoyed teaching, so I feel more like an interior design coach. So reach out, let's chat and get started so you can 'Get your Glo on' too!

"Never give up. Great things take time." — Unknown

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